Advanced Technology: Variable Frequency Drive

Variable Frequency Drive (VFD) is an upgrade that can reduce energy costs while still providing optimal levels of comfort.

Older HVAC Systems Struggle to Adapt

Older single-zone HVAC systems often lack the ability to regulate the fans that ventilate a space in response to environmental changes like the weather or building occupancy. This causes the HVAC system to work hard constantly, wasting energy conditioning indoor air unnecessarily.

How It Works

Supply Fan and Variable Frequency Drive.

The VFD upgrade automatically reduces the speed of the supply air fan when the unit is not conditioning indoor air, reducing the energy use of the fan by 60-80%.

The Result

When installed, VFD upgrades will result in more energy savings. The building is ventilated efficiently meaning lower energy bills, more reliable HVAC system operation, and higher indoor air comfort.

Your contractor can help you figure out if VFD meets the needs of your building and business.

SCE customers who are already participating in Quality Maintenance can ask their current contractor for information on estimated energy savings for VFD.

If you’re new to HVAC Optimization, you can find a participating contractor to learn more and determine your eligibility.