The Standard

The Who, What, How and Why of Standard 180

The cover of Standard 180, titled Standard Practice for Inspection and maintenance of Commercial Building HVAC Systems.Standard 180 is a universal standard for HVAC maintenance created by a team of industry experts from around the world. It was written by ASHRAE and ACCA and accredited by ANSI (read more about these groups below). Since publication, it has been publicly vetted on numerous occasions, in technical seminars, public presentations and society and association meetings around the world.

The intent of Standard 180 is to set consistent practices for inspecting and maintaining HVAC systems. Following Standard 180 practices increases energy efficiency, thermal comfort and indoor air quality, creating indoor environments that are comfortable and sustainable.

SCE’s HVAC Optimization is the first utility program in the country to bring HVAC-maintenance Standard 180 into practice. In doing so, it sets high HVAC-maintenance standards throughout SCE’s service area. We meet these standards by providing education and training for commercial HVAC contractors and offering the benefits of higher-level service to customers who agree to maintain their HVAC units using Standard 180 guidelines.

Standard 180 and the Customer Experience

When you meet with an HVAC Optimization participating contractor, you will help customize the Standard 180 process to meet the size, design, scope and complexity of your specific HVAC system. The Standard 180 process can be customized through conversations with your contractor to set performance objectives for thermal comfort, energy efficiency and indoor air quality. Once these objectives are established, they will be used to inform a Maintenance Plan that describes how the performance objectives will be met.

While all program-qualified contractors are specially trained, choosing the one that’s right for you is an important process. Read our Contractor Selection Guide to learn how to get the information you need during the bidding process. You can find program-qualified contractors in your area on our Find a Participating Contractor page.

Teaching and Carrying out the Standard

Contractors that participate in HVAC Optimization are screened through an enrollment process that accounts for size, experience, reputation, and necessary insurance. Once they are approved, the HVAC Optimization team trains each contractor’s technicians about Standard 180 and how to carry out the tasks it recommends.

In Summary

HVAC Optimization is the first Standard 180-based HVAC maintenance program in the country. The detail, scope, length, level of accountability and focus on customer needs outlined by Standard 180 are what make an HVAC Optimization Maintenance Plan different from a typical HVAC maintenance plan. When you sign up for the program, you are signing up for Standard 180, better indoor air quality, a higher level of comfort and increased energy efficiency from one of your building’s largest energy consumers.

Additional Resources

  • ASHRAE — The American Society of Heating, Refrigerating and Air-Conditioning Engineers is the International technical society organized to advance the arts and sciences of heating, ventilation, air-conditioning and refrigeration.
  • ACCA — The Air Conditioning Contractors of America is a non-profit association working to promote professional contracting, energy efficiency, and healthy, comfortable indoor living for all Americans.
  • ANSI — The American National Standards Institute oversees the creation, promulgation and use of guidelines that directly impact businesses in nearly every sector. ANSI is also actively engaged in accrediting globally recognized programs that assess conformance to standards.