Quality Renovation

To help all components of HVAC ductwork perform efficiently, Quality Renovation extensively trains HVAC contractors to use sophisticated performance testing software and pinpoint exact locations that are in need of improvement.

Better Airflow Opens Up Bigger Benefits

As air travels from your HVAC rooftop unit to your building’s indoor spaces (and back again), there are many places where inefficiencies can occur, such as air lost through duct leaks, poor insulation, or a non-operational economizer. As a result, the exposed and interior ductwork or your HVAC system holds significant opportunity to improve efficiency.

How It Works

We offer rigorous, high quality training at a reduced cost to teach and certify local contractors to use sophisticated software to pinpoint exact locations where energy is being wasted throughout the HVAC ductwork. After an initial “quick check” to determine if the system is eligible, the contractor will conduct performance testing and create a list of problem areas. After repairs are finished, SCE offers incentives based on how much the performance of the ductwork has been improved.

The Result

Improved comfort and indoor air quality, and HVAC ductwork that delivers air from the rooftop unit to the indoor space as reliably and efficiently as possible, saving money on energy bills. Pairing with Quality Maintenance or Early Retirement will add the benefits of energy-efficient HVAC units and create completely efficient HVAC systems.

SCE customers who want to take advantage of Quality Renovation can find a participating contractor to learn more and determine their eligibility.

Local HVAC contractors who want to expand their services and bring the benefits of Quality Renovation to their customers can find out more by contacting the HVAC Optimization team.