What People Are Saying

Supporters of HVAC Optimization come from every corner of the industry: contractors, unions, professional organizations, standards committees and customers.

“I am delighted with a program based upon ASHRAE/ACCA Standard 180, which is the professional maintenance standard as defined by our industry’s governing technical body and recognized by the world’s leading standards organization, ANSI.” — Michael Gallagher, PE, Vice President, Western Allied Corporation

“Aligning California efficiency programs with nationally-recognized standards maximizes efficiencies, effectiveness, resources and just plain makes sense.” - Talbot Gee, Executive VP & COO, Heating, Air Conditioning & Refrigeration Distributors International

“This program will promote the energy behavior that needs to be demonstrated by building owners if the Long-Term Energy Efficiency Strategic Plan is to be achieved. We whole-heartedly support this program.” — Richard Sawhill, Executive VP, ARCA/MCA Southern California

“Thank you for developing a program we can support as active participants insuring its success. We look forward to its implementation and the energy efficiency it will bring to the State.” — Kevin O’Dorisio, Executive Director, Sheet Metal, Air-conditioning Contractors National Association

“We have recently reviewed SCE’s HVAC Optimization Program design/implementation plan and are encouraged by what we have seen. SCE has not only relied upon Standard 180 as a cornerstone for the program’s design, but has actively reached out to and taken input from contractors, associations, labor unions, and even multi-site end-users throughout the program’s development.” — Glenn Hourahan, Senior VP, Air Conditioning Contractors of America

“With over 4,000 preventative maintenance agreements as the “core” of our business the bottom line is that it saves customer’s money, prolongs equipment life and makes their homes more comfortable, so we support any utility program that incorporates PMA’s as a part of their energy conservation programs.” — Frank Harrison, President, General Air Conditioning & Heating

“I am excited to hear that utilities may support a quality maintenance program based on ACCA 4 industry standards. As a licensed C-20 contractor in the state of California I have invested a lot of time and money in an effort to provide the best quality service to our customers, so this type of program only helps legitimize my goal. The fact is that heating and cooling equipment is part of a system and unless we look at the system as whole with scheduled maintenance programs there will never be any energy savings or reduced operating cost for our customers.” — Tyler Miner President Redlands Plumbing, Heating, Air Conditioning & Home Energy Solutions

“On behalf of ASHRAE, I would like to recognize the industry outreach and collaborative approach undertaken by Southern California Edison, Pacific Gas & Electric, and PECI in development of the HVAC Optimization Program. Both the program design and the enabling IT tools support the intent of ANSI/ASHRAE/ACCA Standard 180 (Inspection and Maintenance of Commercial Building HVAC Systems).” — Robert Baker, ASHRAE Fellow, Chairman Standard 180 Development Committee, ASHRAE

“It is excellent that SCE is proceeding with a maintenance program based upon ANSI/ASHRAE Standard 180. I and our 2,000 Southern California members working in the service and repair field support it.” — Don Tanaka, Director of HVACR, Service and Repair, Southern California Pipe Trades, District Council #16

“There are no shortcuts to achieving maximum energy efficiency from new or existing HVAC systems. There are, however, accepted and vetted standards as developed by a broad base of industry stakeholders such as ASHRAE/ACCA/ANSI Standard 180 and ACCA/ANSI Standard 4 that maximize system performance. RSES supports any and all efforts to align California efficiency programs to such proven industry standards.” — Mark Lowry, Executive VP, RSES