Quality Maintenance

Quality Maintenance prescribes a level of service that elevates the performance of HVAC units by following the recommendations of the highest available industry standard — Standard 180 — and ensures the unit maintains that level of performance for the life of the Maintenance Agreement.

Attaining and Maintaining Excellence

HVAC maintenance is often considered a “run-to-fail” proposition: it doesn’t earn much top-of-mind attention until something is obviously broken. Quality Maintenance is helping forward-thinking building owners, tenants, facility managers, and HVAC contractors adopt a more holistic, progressive approach and enjoy HVAC units that perform more efficiently and reliably.

How It Works

The framework of Quality Maintenance is Standard 180, the highest available industry standard for HVAC maintenance created by a team of industry experts from around the world. Quality Maintenance is the first Standard 180-based utility energy efficiency program in the country.

SCE provides extensive training to local HVAC contractors who participate in the program. A Maintenance Agreement is tailored to the individual performance objectives, budget, and energy efficiency goals of each customer.

First, the contractor assesses the current condition of the HVAC unit and determines the necessary tests and repairs to meet program performance requirements. Regularly scheduled maintenance and testing over the course of the Maintenance Agreement ensures the benefits of elevated performance and efficiency persist over time.

The Result

Consistently maintained, energy-efficient HVAC units that are more reliable, save energy and money, and improve the indoor air quality and comfort of the building.

SCE customers who want to take advantage of Quality Maintenance can find a participating contractor to learn more and determine their eligibility.