Early Retirement

Early Retirement offers high-performance HVAC units at a reduced cost to customers with existing rooftop units that are still operational and qualify for replacement. A new unit can reduce cooling energy usage by about 30%1.

Fight the Effects of HVAC Aging

As an HVAC unit ages, its performance naturally degrades, making it increasingly inefficient, especially when compared to newer, highly-efficient models. Older HVAC units are also more likely to break down and require extensive repairs and maintenance.

How It Works

With Early Retirement, SCE incentivizes local contractors to offer new, high-efficiency HVAC units to SCE customers at a reduced cost. First, the contractor determines if the unit is eligible. Then, contractor and customer work together to select a qualifying new unit that is ideal for the building size and customer needs.

Participating in Early Retirement also creates a great opportunity to elevate the performance of your entire HVAC system by enrolling in Quality Renovation, or keep the unit performing at a high level with Quality Maintenance.

The Result

A brand new HVAC unit that meets high standards for energy efficiency, at a lower price, with a shorter simple payback period.

SCE customers who want to take advantage of Early Retirement can find a participating contractor to learn more and determine their eligibility.

Local HVAC contractors who want to expand their services and bring the benefits of Early Retirement to their customers can find out more by contacting the HVAC Optimization team.


  1. Based on the replacement of a 10 SEER unit with a new, qualifying unit. ↩︎