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With Summer On the Way, The Time For Training Is Now

The busy summer season is fast approaching, which makes now the perfect time for technicians to build knowledge and skills through the formalized training offered and often required by the program. Completing the required HVAC Optimization Quality Maintenance training now will eliminate the need to take techs out of the field for training during the demanding summer… Read More 

SCE HVAC Optimization Funding Reminder

Just a friendly reminder that HVAC Optimization Quality Maintenance funds are available on a first-come, first-served basis to qualified customers and contractors. The program is expected to remain effective until funding is expended, however it can be discontinued by the California Public Utilities Commission (CPUC) at any point. In the instance that the Quality… Read More 

Quality Maintenance CSA Application and Customer Incentive Application Changes

There are slight changes being made to the Quality Maintenance Cooling Service Analysis (CSA) application and the Customer Incentive Application. We’re making modifications to align the reporting of energy savings with updated reporting requirements. Contractors and admin staff, please refer to the information below to understand how this affects you. Read More 

Tech Corner: Time to Retire?

As we all know, our industry is in the midst of tremendous change, from the equipment we sell/install/service, to the tools we use to do this work. So let’s talk a little about some of our old standby tools and how they fit in this changing landscape. Read More 

Mandatory Technician Verification Program

Our Technician Verification program will encourage all of our technicians participating in the Commercial Quality Maintenance program to be their very best. Once new technicians complete program training, our Technician Verifier will accompany them in the field to answer program questions, provide support and document performance. Existing technicians will have an annual… Read More 

Updated Economizer Training Requirements Effective Immediately

Part of running a successful program is the constant search for areas of improvement. The Commercial Quality Maintenance program 2015 on-site verification results show that improperly maintained or poorly performing economizers were the largest contributor to sites failing inspection. To address this issue, and to elevate the capabilities of our program, we’re requiring… Read More