Find a Participating Contractor

Reach out for more information about the HVAC Optimization program, including qualification and enrollment requirements. We’re ready to help you bring the benefits of HVAC system efficiency to life.

To participate in HVAC Optimization, commercial HVAC contractors must be approved by the HVAC Optimization team and trained to offer the specific repairs and maintenance prescribed by the program. To receive HVAC Optimization maintenance and incentives, you must enroll in the program through a participating contractor.

When choosing a contractor, consider:

  • Will they provide courteous, reliable service when you need it?
  • Do they comply with all state and local codes?
  • Are they skilled and knowledgeable in servicing your specific HVAC equipment?
  • Use our Contractor Selection Guide to start a conversation with a contractor and determine if they are a good fit for your business.

For more information on how to choose a contractor, visit the ACCA website.

HVAC Optimization Contractor Qualifications

The HVAC Optimization program requires participating contractors to complete specific, unique training and enrollment processes. This ensures the technicians performing the work are highly-qualified specialists.

Contractor Directory

Air Control Systems, Inc.

Airite Heating and Air Conditioning

Allison Mechanical, Inc.

Artic Mechanical Inc.

Bon Air Inc.

Burgeson's Heating and Air Conditioning

Climate Pro Mechanical

Dynamic Air Services

EMCOR Services | Mesa Energy Systems - Bakersfield Branch

EMCOR Services | Mesa Energy Systems - Irvine Branch

EMCOR Services | Mesa Energy Systems - Westlake Village Branch


Evolution Mechanical, Inc.

Hillside Heating and A/C Inc.

Limbach Company

Ontario Refrigeration - Corporate Office

Ontario Refrigeration - Costa Mesa Branch

Ontario Refrigeration - Glendale Branch

Ontario Refrigeration - Ventura Branch

Pacific Rim

REE Mechanical

RESSAC Climate Control Technologies

Redline Air, Inc.

Richardson Technologies Inc.

Rivco Mechanical Services - Palm Desert

Rivco Mechanical Services - Riverside

Self Performance Mechanical, Inc.

Tri-Pacific Heating & Air Conditioning

Vision Mechanical Services

West Coast Air Conditioning