HVAC Optimization

An HVAC system in a commercial building typically accounts for 17‑49%1 of the building’s total energy use. HVAC Optimization programs are designed to increase the energy efficiency of specific areas of the HVAC system, lowering energy use and energy costs. It’s a rare opportunity to lower overhead operating costs while increasing HVAC system reliability and making the building more comfortable.

Energy-Efficient HVAC Systems, From Rooftop To Room

The first step to unlocking the benefits of HVAC energy efficiency is to think of HVAC as a “system.” An HVAC system is everything that conditions and moves air to and from the indoor space: the rooftop unit, ductwork, vents, thermostats, CO2 sensors, and more.

It sounds complicated, but you can think of an HVAC system as a combination of two distinct, primary sections: the HVAC unit, which conditions air and controls air intake, and the HVAC ductwork, which delivers the air to the spaces inside.

In order to have an HVAC system that is running as efficiently as possible all components of the unit and ductwork need to work together like a well-coached team.

An HVAC system is a combination of the HVAC unit and HVAC ductwork.

Opportunity Is Everywhere

HVAC Optimization is a uniquely holistic and technically comprehensive set of energy efficiency programs for commercial HVAC systems. Each program is designed to bring a new level of performance and energy efficiency of specific components of your HVAC unit and ductwork. Plus, each program offers additional optional opportunities to further increase energy efficiency by leveraging advanced HVAC technology.

The Result

HVAC Optimization programs are built upon proven principles of building science. Each program is effective individually, but when combined, they can give you an HVAC system that is completely optimized for performance and energy efficiency.

Learn More About HVAC Optimization Programs

  • Quality Maintenance elevates the performance of HVAC units with multi-year Maintenance Agreements between specially-trained HVAC contractors and their customers.
  • Quality Renovation targets and eliminates specific points in your HVAC ductwork where energy is being wasted, ensuring conditioned air is delivered as efficiently as possible.
  • Early Retirement offers brand new, high-efficiency HVAC units at a reduced cost to SCE customers with old, but still operational, HVAC units.


  1. U.S. Information Administration 2003 (average industry numbers). for office, school, restaurant, retail, warehouse related buildings. ↩︎